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Ace2Three hosts a variety of Real Chip Rummy games as well as multi-table tournaments - all these variants offer real cash as prizes.

Play Rummy at Ace2Three

Play Rummy and Win Cash on Ace2Three PLAY FOR CASH

Play Rummy at Ace2Three

Multi-table Rummy Tournaments

Ace2Three offers different types of tourneys targeted to provide an exciting rummy tournament experience to all kinds of players. Now our premium players will have an array of eligible tournaments to choose from based upon their ace levels, interest, premium conversion date and add-in options.

Some tournaments will have entry restricted based upon the player’s Acelevel. The new tournaments available under tournaments tab on client lobby include:

Cash Tournaments: Players can join these tournaments using their real chip balance.

Freeroll Tournaments: Players can join these tournaments for Free and win cash as prize.

Special Tournaments: These are tournaments which are generally targeted towards festivals and other major events. On these tournaments, thousands of players generally compete for prize chips running into millions.

AcePoints Tournaments: Players can join these special premium tournaments using their AcePoints.

Beginner Tournaments: These tournaments are targeted to help our newbies make a comfortable landing into real money tournament world. Playersare entitled to play on the beginner tournaments for only 15 days from their conversion date.

For detailed info about tournaments, click here

How to convert from a Regular Player to a Premium Player?

You need to Add cash to convert from a Regular Player to a Premium Player. Once you upgrade to a Premium Player, you can register to the above multi-table tournaments and real cash games. To know more on how to convert to a Premium Player, Click here.

All cash prizes you win can be redeemed as cash. To know more about how to Redeem chips, Click here.

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