What's New 2014

Updated: 31 Dec 2014

Premium Players can now directly Add Real Chips through Mobile App. Ace2Three in its efforts to bring in seamless Rummy experience on Mobile, has brought in the process of Real Chips Addition on phone with an easy to use interface for the convenience of our Players.

Updated: 31 Dec 2014

Good news for Mobile addicts – Ace2Three is now available on Mobile and Tablets. Players can now enjoy both the flavors of Rummy (Play for Fun & Play for Real Cash) anywhere, anytime. To download the app, Premium Players can go to m.ace2three.com in their mobile browser and click on ‘download’ button. While Regular Players can download the Play for Fun app from Google Play or App Store, or they may simply visit play.ace2three.com on their mobile browser and download the App for free.

Updated: 27 Nov 2014

To ensure a smoother and hassle free registration process, ace2three has worked on a feature where a registering Player may choose alternative username if he happen to enter an already existing Username. This way, Players may avoid being redirected to a new page and experience an easy registration process.

Updated: 3 Nov 2014

Ace2Three has migrated its ND Client over a more secure platform on ‘https’. This initiative hinders exposing privacy controls to hackers, thereby resulting in a safe and secure platform to the Players.

Updated: 28 Oct 2014

Players at Ace2Three will experience a more refined form of Online Rummy with the introduction of AUTO DROP.

Now Players need not wait for their turn to DROP their hand, instead they may click on AUTO DROP and join any other Table. Their hand will be auto dropped on their turn.

Updated: 28 Oct 2014

Melding Cards is just a matter of one click at Ace2Three. Got all the right Sets and Sequences - Place the Show and Meld all your Groups at one go by clicking on MELD ALL button.

So, no clicking on individual Groups to Meld from now on, let’s Meld All.

Updated: 13 May 2014

Play for fun has become a serious affair at Ace2Three with the introduction of Ace2Three Leaderboard. Now Players can compete on our Play Chip Tables to accumulate maximum winnings to grab the top spot on our Weekly and Monthly Leaderboards and win exciting Prizes.

In all there will be Four Weekly and One Monthly Leaderboard Winners in a given Month. So Play for free and stand a chance to get rewarded.

Updated: 8 Apr 2014

On popular demand, Ace2Three introduces the lightning-fast Turbo Tables for our skilled rummy players. If you are of the type who prefers fast paced action and no frill play, Turbo Tables are just for you.

When playing at these tables you will have a maximum of 15 seconds to act before your turn ends, with no Time Bank available. These tables are prefixed with a lightning icon () to differentiate them from the regular tables on Lobby.

For more info, click here.

Updated: 12 Mar 2014

Ace2three yet again shows its commitment to a superior rummy playing experience with the introduction of Time Bank. Now, players need not hit the "Xtra Time" button whenever they need more time to think and act - they are provided with a time bank of 30 sec (10 x 3) for every deal. As soon as the normal timer ends, the time bank is automatically activated and player gets the time bank released in chunks of 10 seconds per turn for maximum 3 turns.

So relax and play with ease - because Ace2three has got you covered.

Updated: 12 Mar 2014

Ace2Three brings a comprehensive Bonus Bar for tracking all bonus progress from the Game Lobby and Table itself. No need to go to the Web and check the pending and available bonuses - now, all bonus details are presented to the players in the form of a simple bonus bar that shows not only bonus info, but also information about the next expiring bonus that player needs to release.

Updated: 18 Feb 2014

Ace2Three presents its Players an exciting variant of Online Rummy in the form of PR - 9 Player Stake Game. A more refined version of Points Rummy, it sits a maximum of 9 Players on a Table ensuring a more thrilling Game experience. The Table plays with 3 Deck of cards, which makes it all the more interesting to fight it out.

Note : This variant of the game has been discontinued as of 29 Sep 2015.

Updated: 18 Feb 2014

The most anticipated Tourney at Ace2Three is now open for Registrations. Players can now entry to these Tourneys using their AcePoints and win Cash Prizes. Players would get to Register for these Tourneys based on their AcePoints, so accumulating AcePoints now would not only lend you special treatment but also great rewards. Click here to know more

Updated: 18 Feb 2014

Regular Players - its time to rejoice! Ace2Three offers you a personalised LIVE Chat option.

Having an issue while making your First cash addition? No worries, our Executives are just a click away to sort it our instantly. All you need to do is just click on LIVE Chat icon under Add Cash page and type in your issues.

Updated: 18 Feb 2014

Players at Ace2Three would now get a recommendation of their Favourite Game Tables.

Ace2Three Game Type recommendation would be customised for each of its Players and will vary according to his/her playing history and winning statistics, thereby facilitating you to join a table you are more adept with, and are more likely to enjoy.