What's New 2013

Updated: 18 December 2013

To offer maximum fun to its players, Ace2Three has come up with various new tournaments flavors targeted to match player’s skills and provide rich playing platform. Now our premium players will have an array of eligible tournaments to choose from based upon their ace levels, interest, premium conversion date and entry options.

So get ready for a non-stop exhilarating rummy experience, where our players will be spoilt for choices.

Updated: 18 December 2013

In our drive to make the tourney experience even more exhilirating, Ace2Three proudly presents the "Drop & Go" feature. Now, as soon as a player drops a hand, you will be immediately seated on a new table - no more waiting for the hand to finish. Also, the more hands you get to play each round, the more chances you have of ending up in the winners' list!

Non-stop action is what you get, only at Ace2three!

Updated: 18 December 2013

Appreciating that your efforts should be rewarded instantly, Ace2Three now presents real-time AcePoint calculation and level upgradation. No more waiting till end of day to see your hard-earned AcePoints grow – now, the AcePoints will be calculated at the end of each game and your AcePoints balance will be updated in real time. Also, as soon as you have enough AcePoints to qualify for a higher Ace Level, the upgradation will be done instantly and you can reap all the rewards that come with it.

At Ace2Three, instant rewards actually mean “Instant”! Happy playing!

Updated: 26 November 2013

Ace2Three recognizes the need for an enhanced account protection measures for the security of Players Account and have put in place a stronger Login Password Policy. The New Login Password Policy would require users to adopt a complex password that is hard for hackers and imposters to crack. Under this new policy, a number of enhanced security measures are being enforced to help reinforcing password security, protecting data integrity in central computer servers and preventing users from using weak and easily guessed passwords without regular changes.

Updated: 13 November 2013

We changed our terms and conditions for player accounts in order to be legally compliant with the guidelines laid down by the regulatory body in India and ensure that our players get the same uninterrupted playing experience in a secure and fair ecosystem. New changes in the T&C not only puts stronger checks for curbing the menace of fraud and money laundering cases but also helps us in increasing the reach of our various bonuses and promotions targeted towards our genuine players. Please go through our terms and conditions to know more.

Updated: 10 October 2013

Ace2Three introduces the new Multiple Tourney Re-Add format for a more action-packed Tourney experience, where a Player can Re-entry to the same level, multiple times. Also, the option to Re-Add allows the Player to get back into the tourney and start playing immediately - no more waiting for the next level to begin.

You just need ‘80 X entry amount’ to qualify for the next Level, meaning better chance to qualify for next level. Further, a Player can even Re-Add multiple times to the same level (except the Last Level), which means more chances of you winning a Tourney.

So no waiting for the next Round from now on, Re-entry and be in the Game. For more details Click here .

Updated: 10 October 2013

Ace2Three is committed to provide a safe and secure gaming platform to its players. We understand that disconnections are an inevitable evil of the game and to protect our valuable players against it, we have deployed a series of measures so that we can reduce the losses incurred by our players.

Following are the disconnection protection measures we have at Ace2Three -

  • Group Save
  • Auto play during disconnection
  • Score calculation during disconnection, click here for details
Updated: 25 Sep 2013

As part of our continuous drive to be a more engaging platform for playing online Indian Classical Rummy, we have now opened the Poke and Earn feature for poking Regular Players also. Now, you can poke your inactive friends who are Regular players on Ace2Three and once those Regular players come back and start playing Real Cash games, you become eligible for the Poke and Earn bonus. This way, you can earn Real Chips bonus up to Rs. 1000 by poking a single player.

So what are you waiting for? Bring back your friends to Ace2Three now! Click here for details.

Updated: 18 Sep 2013

After a great response to 101 National (Play for fun) and huge player demands for a real cash version, Ace2Three introduces 101 National: Play for Cash.

Now relish the newest flavor of Rummy online with higher skill, tougher opponents and greater cash rewards only with Ace2Three, India's No.1 Rummy Game. 101 National is custom designed for the Players with higher skill set interested in Real Cash Tables. Here, your Rewards will be the true reflection of your expertise. So, come and join the table of crackerjacks!

Updated: 11 Sep 2013

In acknowledgement to player’s feedback and our continuous zeal to offer a superior gaming experience to our esteemed players on Ace2Three, we have come up with a new flavor of ‘Best of X’ gaming – ‘Best of 2’.

Offering quicker game play and great fun, ‘Best of 2’ is played against one opponent for two successive rounds. A player with lesser score wins the game. In case of a tie, the game will extend to the third round as the decisive round.

With faster game play, you can win more cash prizes after playing same number of games.

To know more about the game, click here.

Updated: 12 Aug 2013

Now, players can have all their favourite games under 1 single tab – My Favourites. Players can add upto 12 favourites - both Play Chip and Real Chip games can be added and accessed at a single click.

Keeping with Ace2Three’s commitment to providing the best rummy playing experience, players have the choice to remove and add the favourites at their will so that they spend less time looking for their favourite games and more time playing it.

Player can not only add favourites from this tab, but also from the Standard Lobby, Easy View Lobby as well as the game table, making it ever so easy to manage your favourites.

Updated: 12 Aug 2013

Taking the online rummy experience to a new level, Ace2three now brings to its players the fun of a new rummy flavor – 101 National. One of the more exciting rummy variants, this game is played with 2 decks of 52 cards each and 1 Wild Card Joker (also called Paper Joker). Here, the jokers for the round are the cards of same value and opposite coloured suits as the cut Joker – called Opposite Joker. So, if 4 of Diamond is selected as Cut Joker, the Jokers for the round will be 4 of Spades and 4 of Clubs.

Besides, if a player collects all 4 Jokers for the round, that is a successful show irrespective of the rest of the cards. Also, a Show with all 4 Pure Sets (groups of 3/4 cards of same value and different suits without Jokers) is a valid show while a wrong Show results in instant elimination from the game, making up for an altogether thrilling rummy playing experience.

Updated: 12 Aug 2013

In our continuous effort to deliver customer friendly features and make Ace2three, the best online rummy platform, we are pleased to inform our esteemed players that we have introduced a new feature which will assist the players to decide their add cash limits. Players will be able to change their add cash limits within a pre-defined range based upon verity of profile information shared by them with Ace2Three during registration.

Player needs to verify his Phone or PAN card once (if not done already) which will allow him to change his add cash limits upto a maximum limit once in a day.

Micro-Entry Tables
Updated: 12 Aug 2013

Another Bonanza from ace2three was launched today in form of Micro-Entry Tables under the Points Rummy, game variant. The minimum entry amount for the table was changed to 0.05 from previous 0.25 which will now allow players to play real cash games with as low as Rs. 4. Previously, the player needs to have a minimum of Rs. 20 to play on any Points Rummy Table.

Updated: 12 Aug 2013

With the new feature “Poke and Earn”, Ace2three yet again proved that it’s not only the front runner but also the most innovative and player friendly website in the Indian Classical Rummy domain. The feature allows players to earn special bonuses by motivating their other peers on the platform to play real games.

While “Refer and Earn” helped players to earn bonus chips by bringing in new friends onto the platform, “Poke and Earn” would help them earn bonus chips by poking those regular or premium players who have not played real games for a while. Through this feature, real chips equivalent up to Rs. 1000 could be earned by poking a single player. The most exciting part of the feature is that both regular as well as premium players are eligible for poking and earning the bonus chips. Also, there is no limit on the total number of pokes a player can send.

Real Chips Calculation Up to 2nd decimals
Updated: 12 Aug 2013

Another cheer to the players came in the form of “Real Chips Calculation Up to 2nd decimals” which was launched by Ace2Three today. This feature will not only help the players get more intricate detail of their game transaction but will also help bring more integrity into the games during prize calculation of a winning hand as well as during a split.

Updated: 05 June 2013

To offer its players more flexibility and fun, Ace2three added configuration options on its tables so that a player can choose and configure the table according his/her requirements.

Now a player will get an option to enable and disable card grouping on the table itself. Once the player enables "Grouping", he will get an option to group two or more cards together along with "Group Meld" option which allows a player to meld a group of cards in a single click. Grouping has been further simplified where a player gets an option to move cards between groups once he has placed a show.

Adding to player flexibility, Ace2three table will have "options" button where the player will see table options menu and can select a theme for his tables. Player has an option to choose between refreshing "Modern" theme and the much admired "Classic" theme. Table sounds can also be configured from the options menu.

Updated: 28 May 2013

Much to player's excitement, Ace2Three launched the loyalty point's redemption feature. Now Ace2Three players would be able to claim bonus real chips by redeeming ace points, every time they make a successful cash addition. Rewarding player's patronage towards Ace2Three, Ace point redemption will be available to the players round the year, giving players an opportunity to get bonus chips as per their convenience.

For platinum and platinum+ players there would be an added excitement as unlike other bonus chips, these chips would be directly added to the player real chips account and thus can be used right away for playing real games at ace2three. For other player, the bonus chips would be released based on amount used for playing.

For more details on AcePoints redemption, see AcePoint Redemption.

Updated: 28 May 2013

With Card Grouping, players will be able to group their cards in maximum 6 groups. Cards are initially grouped according to their suite but players get additional flexibility to create more groups. Player needs to select at least two cards to enable grouping.

Once the cards are grouped, sorting the cards will only sort cards in their respective groups.

Updated: 28 May 2013

For player convenience, Ace2three allows players to meld cards within a group in one click. Once a player places a show after grouping cards, he gets an option to meld groups using "Meld Group" button. Player can either meld using "Meld Group" to meld his cards or select a card from any group which will disable "Meld group" and allows the player to group cards from different groups.

Updated: 28 May 2013

Honoring commitment to provide the best playing experience and understanding the needs of players, Ace2three now allows the players to play on the tables of their choice.

Players get an option to play either on the refreshing "Modern" theme, where they find contemporary graphics and a rejuvenating playing experience or on the much admired "Classic" theme where they get the same suave feeling.

Updated: 28 May 2013

Ace2Three introduces the feature for players to update their profile themselves. With profile editing functionality, a player will experience more security while making transactions at Ace2Three.

Earlier, a player had to contact the Customer Support to make any change to his stored profile information but now a player just needs to click "Edit Profile" button and can begin editing his profile. All regular players will now be able to edit their profile details whereas premium players will get the option to edit only some selected fields.

Also, a player can now add up to 3 bank accounts to redeem his chips in an account of his choice for a seamless redemption experience.

Updated: 29 Jan 2013

Ace2Three introduces the 'Auto Discard' feature.

Earlier, after drawing a card, if a player could not discard in the allotted time, the player would be dropped and awarded a Full Count.

However, this scenario has now been changed. Once the timer expires, instead of the player getting dropped, the drawn card will be discarded back. From the next round, the player can continue playing as usual.

Updated: 16 Jan 2013
To make your Rummy experience faster, Ace2Three introduces the 'Time Bank' feature.

For all games and tourneys, all players apart from the one who has the first chance to draw and discard, the time duration by default is 30 seconds.

However, in case the player requires additional time, he can click on the 'Xtra Time Button' to get 15 seconds more.

The Xtra Time button appears on the table as shown below.

Ace2Three Xtra Time