Welcome100 Bonus Offer

Online Rummy Welcome Bonus
Make your first purchase today and claim up to 100%* Welcome Bonus, with a maximum bonus of Rs 1500*
Special Promotion: Add Cash Today & Get up to Rs. 200 + 100%* of Purchase Amount FREE on your first purchase Refer to Terms & Conditions for more info
Make Purchase Amount Get Bonus Max Bonus Issued Instant Cash
1500 & above 100% 1500 200
1000 - 1400 75% 1000 100
100 - 900 50% 450 --
  • Valid for only Regular players converting to Premium for the first time
  • Is valid only for the first purchase
  • Up to Rs. 200 free Real Chips will be instantly added as bonus to player's account
  • Bonus amount and Instant cash being added to user’s account depends upon first purchase amount of the player
  • Max Bonus Issued will be Rs. 1500/-. E.g., for a 3000 real chips purchase, the Bonus issued will be 1500 real chips
  • 20 real chips will be automatically credited to player's account for every 200 real chips used for playing (i.e. you get 20 real chips when you play 2 games of 100 chips, 8 games of 25 chips or 40 games of 5 chips)
  • The Bonus Issued will have a 30-day expiry from the date it is issued
  • No multiple accounts for the same player allowed. If found all bonus added will be cancelled
  • WELCOME100 shall be auto-populated for the player while making the purchase
  • Limited time offer, Conditions apply
* The above Bonus is in effect for Premium conversions from 16 Dec 2014