VIP - Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions

  • "A Referrer" is a registered player on Ace2Three.
  • "A Referee" is an unregistered player at Ace2Three being referred to Ace2Three by "A Referrer".
  • The "Refer & Earn" is not valid in case the "Referee" already has an account on Ace2Three.
  • To be eligible for the bonus, please ensure that the friends you invite use the link located in the invitation sent to them. This is the only way they can be linked to your account.
  • The Bonus Amount of Rs 6000/- will be added to the "Referer's" account in 6 Parts
Part Condition "Referrer" - Bonus Pending
1 "Referee" Add Real Chips Rs. 1000/-
2 "Referee" Add 10,000 Real Chips Rs. 1000/-
3 "Referee" Add 10,000 Real Chips Rs. 1000/-
4 "Referee"Add 10,000 Real Chips Rs. 1000/-
5 "Referee" Add 10,000 Real Chips Rs. 1000/-
6 "Referee" Add 10,000 Real Chips Rs. 1000/-
"Referrer" - Total Bonus
Rs. 6000/-
Note: As soon as the first cash addition is made by “Referee”, “Referrer” gets 1000 Chips in his/her “Bonus Pending” Account.
Subsequent Bonus additions in chunks of Rs 1000/- are made to Referrer once the sum of cash added by Referee crosses Rs 10000 mark. Bonus issued to the "Referrer" expires after 60 days from the date of issue.
Ex: Referee makes a deposit of Rs 5000/- on his/her first cash addition. Referrer gets 1000 Real chips under “Bonus Pending” Account. Referee adds Rs 7000 in second cash addition. Referrer gets another Rs 1000 under “Bonus Pending” Account. Previous cash addition of Rs 5000 gets added to Current cash addition of Rs 7000 and total sum (Rs 12000) crosses Rs 10000 and hence, Bonus gets issued to “Referrer”. Referee makes Rs 8000 as his/her Third cash addition. Referrer gets another Rs 1000 under “Bonus Pending” Account. This Process continues till Bonus addition to Referrer reaches the last Rs 1000 mark.
  • Subject to the fulfillment of the above terms and conditions, the "Referrer" account will be credited with the bonus. Players are permitted to have only one Ace2Three real account. Therefore, the "Referrer" and the "Referee" may not hold any other accounts at Ace2Three under other names or aliases.
  • Players who abuse the above rules, or attempt to engage in any deceiving and/or fraudulent activity, including registering multiple accounts, will be banned from Ace2Three immediately, their accounts will be closed indefinitely and the balance shall be confiscated.
  • By registering on Ace2Three, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time without any prior notice.
  • All Refer and Bonus requests will be solely processed/fulfilled at the discretion of Ace2Three and the User has no automatic right to a Cash Withdrawal or Refund in respect of such Bonus Amounts.
Note: For a regular player, the bonus will be added as and when they convert to premium status.

Do your first cash addition today and claim your 100% Welcome Bonus. Use the bonus code “SPLREFERRAL” while adding cash and you will be entitled to a 100% bonus on your first cash addition up to a maximum of Rs. 5000*.

  • Valid for only Regular players converting to Premium for the first time.
  • Can be used ONCE only
  • Max Bonus Issued will be Rs. 5000/-. E.g., for a 10000 real chips cash addition, the Bonus issued will be 5000 real chips.
  • 100 real chips will be released for every 500 real chips used for playing. (i.e you get 100 free chips when you play 1 game of 500, 5 games of 100 chips or 20 games of 25 chips)
  • The Bonus Issued will have a 45-day expiry from the date it is issued
  • If the Bonus Issued is less than 100 then that bonus will be released after using 500 real chips for playing
  • No multiple accounts for the same player allowed. If found all bonus added will be cancelled
  • Use Code SPLREFERRAL while adding cash
  • Limited time offer, Conditions apply

*The above Bonus is in effect for conversions from 18th Dec 2013 8 am