What's New 2014

Updated: 12 March 2014

Ace2three yet again shows its commitment to a superior rummy playing experience with the introduction of Time Bank. Now, players need not hit the "Xtra Time" button whenever they need more time to think and act - they are provided with a time bank of 30 sec (10 x 3) for every deal. As soon as the normal timer ends, the time bank is automatically activated and player gets the time bank released in chunks of 10 seconds per turn for maximum 3 turns.

The Time bank is visible when the player's turn comes and shows the 30 seconds bar divided into 3 chunks of 10 seconds each. At each turn, when the player's normal timer gets over, the time bank is activated and a chunk of 10 seconds is released. Player has 3 chunks of time bank to play with, during the deal and at next deal, the time bank is reloaded to 30 seconds again.

Ace2Three Xtra Time