Strike Tournament

In Strike Tourneys, all players begin with an equal number of play/real chips. Depending on the result of each round, a player can win or lose play/real chips. At the end of the Tourney, each player is credited with the play/real chips balance he has.

The players are randomly seated to avoid any chances of collusion. All necessary steps are taken to prevent fraud of any kind.
strike tourney
How it works?
It is a 6-player, 1-Level Tourney with 30 minutes duration. The tourney will start once the table is full.

Level 1: Entry as mentioned in the Lobby
Add-in = Entry + Fee

The tournament runs as a Points Rummy Tourney.
Terms and Conditions
  • 1 Level Tournament with 30 minutes duration
  • Entry to Tournament consists of a Add-in = Entry + Fee
  • Players are given an option to re-entry or leave the tournament when the number of Play/Real Chips they have is less than the max count multiplied with the Entry of the Level.
  • Players will be seated randomly
  • If a Player leaves the Tourney if his balance is greater than the total entry, a Penalty will be deducted from his Balance. Penalty is at least Entry X 100. The Penalty will be equally divided between the existing players on the table from which the player has left
  • A Player can leave the Tourney without Penalty if balance is less than total entry. However, current game chips will be deducted.
  • If a player is disconnected, auto-play will be in effect for 3 rounds. After that, it will be treated as a Middle Drop
  • Drop = 10 X Entry
  • Middle Drop = 30 X Entry
  • Full Count = 80 X Entry
  • Players may register for a specific STRIKE Tournament as long as they meet the relevant terms and conditions, and as long as they register before the tournament begins, or as long as the number of allowed participating players has not been exceeded. Players are allowed to use only one account. No multiple accounts are allowed on Ace2Three
  • The entry is deducted from player's account as soon as registration is successful. Each tournament might have a different entry amount
  • Players in Play Chips Strike Tourneys get credited with Play Chips at the end of the tourney (depending on their balance).
  • Players in Real Chips Strike Tourneys get credited with Real Chips at the end of the tourney (depending on their balance).
  • Any players found using multiple accounts to enter these tourneys or engaging in any fraudulent activity will have their accounts closed and any winnings will be null and void
  • Players that do not comply with Ace2Three's Chat Abuse Policy Policy will be removed from the tournaments immediately, and any winnings will be null and void
  • Terms of Use on also apply to this tournament
  • Management reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time without any prior notice
  • Tournament Tables will be open as per the schedule in the Strike Tourney Lobby
  • In case of of any downtime, the chips at the end of the previous round will be credited back to the account. All standard Terms & Conditions apply