Top 3 Effective Strategies to Win 13 Card Rummy Game!

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rummy strategies


But to play rummy and win cash, one need to be very quick & sharp while playing online. Here are few tips mentioned that are worthwhile to note down to win a game of rummy –


1.) Focus

Keep your mind at ease and focus on your game. It is important to be calm and stay focused on the game to win big in rummy card games. When you are focused, you know when to re-arrange your cards, when to quit and how to trick your opponent. Try your best arranging 13 cards into the right sequence & place the show as soon as you meld the card in the valid sets.


2.) Cleverness

Needless to say, you have to be wise enough to trick your opponent & clever enough to win the game. Follow these simple tips to play your game cleverly –

  • Try to discard the high-value cards at the earliest
  • If the cards are not desirable, drop the game.
  • Form a pure sequence first
  • Understand Joker & cut-joker & form another sequence with this.
  • Re-arrange your cards accordingly


3.) Experience

Perfection and Skill come with experience. If you are an experienced player, you know the tactics & techniques of the game - how to beat your competitor to win the game. But if you are a newbie player trying your luck in 13 card rummy games then we will suggest you learn & understand the basics of the game, play free rummy games, enroll in beginner tournaments & then prove your skill at high stake tables.


Summing Up –

The winning hand is yours if you play your game skillfully. Try not falling into the same trap of committing silly rummy mistakes. Try avoiding them & become a pro in no time!

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