The Rummy Journey from Offline to Online

The tradition of playing card games has been inherited since ages in India. Rummy is one of the most famous card game variants, being played since generations. People don’t treat Rummy just as a skill game but also as a favorite pastime at any social gatherings. To make the game handy to today’s generation, Ace2Three has digitalized this exciting game to continue to cope with the changing times. And today, we have an online variant of rummy which can be played from anywhere, at any time. 

The Transition from Offline to Online: Around a decade ago, when card games went online, there was not much internet penetration With the advent of 4G, there was a significant increase in internet penetration across India. This has helped the smooth transition of  Rummy from traditional Indian card games to a game which can be played online. Now that people could play their favorite rummy variants on gadgets at their convenience.



Increase in Usage of Smart Phones: Knowing that Indian men love freewheeling on entertainment, Ace2Three has explored the new age markets to test the idea of gaming on online mode. Concluding India as the second largest Asian country, mobile and internet users concentration seems to be pretty high. In order to enjoy and entertain themselves at their comfort zone, the increase in the manufactures of smartphones and pocket-friendly purchases have helped the penetration of online games and increased its reach to the target people to enjoy to the fullest. This enormous development has helped the current boom in the Indian online gaming industry.

Legalizing and Responsible Game Play: It was a rejoicing moment for the rummy aspirants when the Supreme Court of India rolled out a verdict, accepting Rummy as a game of skill, thereby differentiating it from the games of chance. The game is all about memorizing the card picks and discards of the opponents and play the game with skill.

Also, to ensure a fair and safe gaming experience to the players and protect them from any adverse situations of gaming, Ace2Three adheres to responsible gaming practices to minimize any such incidences associated with online rummy as our business, advice our players to use as an entertainment purpose.

Digitalization has given a great shape to the Indian card games, while they still retained their original flair and flavor of offline gaming. Today, the Indian card game offers multiple variants like rummy, Which has to be played with an acquired taste and skill. Come! Join Ace2Three and treasure the experience of Online Rummy with more than 1 crore players across India.

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