How To Play Rummy like a Pro! Tips to Follow.


Everyone loves to play 13 card rummy games and the happiness increases by two folds when you win the game with your tricky ideas. Our day becomes cheerful when we win the game and sad when we lose.

Today in this blog article we have mentioned few strategies which every pro – rummy player follows. So, avoid those silly rummy mistakes and play rummy like a pro by following these simple yet effective tips –


pro rummy player


a.)    Focus on Forming a Pure Sequence First –

Every rummy expert focuses on creating a pure Sequence first as soon as the 13 cards are dealt. This reduces the chance of getting higher count even if you lose. Pure sequence acts a life savior when your opponent declares the game as it decreases the chance of getting the higher score.


b.) Discard the Cards with High Values –

Keeping cards with high values is what novice players do. An expert knows these card will not add any value rather it will increase the score if anytime opponent declares the game. The motive is to keep the score minimum and cards like Ace, King, Queen, and Jack have high value and thus need to be discarded at the earliest.


c.) Know When to Quit –

Pro rummy player knows when to quit and when to play the game. If the cards are bad and you think it’s difficult to make a valid set, drop the game immediately. It will lower the risk of your elimination as well there’s a chance you may get good cards in the second dealing.


d.) Discard Identical Cards –

It is highly advisable to dispose of identical cards in 13 card rummy as it is of no use and it may add the score value unnecessarily. One need to be very attentive while making the required sequence and drop the identical cards at the earliest.


e.) Take Full Advantage of JOKER –

Master the game of rummy by using the JOKER carefully to form a sequence. Make sure you are using the JOKER intelligently to form a non-pure sequence and while doing so, don’t forget to make a pure life first. Joker is considered as a wild card in the online rummy game and thus need to take extra care while forming a set.


f.) Keep an eye on Opponent Cards –

Watchful eye, hours of practicing and knowledge on basic rules makes a player professional one. When playing rummy card games try to keep an eye on your competitor as which card he’s picking & discarding. This will give you an idea of what sequences he’s trying to form & you’ll not discard the nearby card.  


Summing Up –

Beginners at the online rummy site must go through the website and understand how the online rummy works. Understand the basic rules of rummy, play for free or cash, try different rummy variants and feel the real thrill with Ace2Three.


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