Play Online Rummy Battle on Ace2Three and Win Big!

Winning is always thrilling when it comes to rummy. No matter which game variant you choose to play, Ace2Three always gives you an engaging game experience to play online rummy anytime from anywhere at your comfort. 

Organizing rummy tournaments online is such an excitement that Ace2Three continues 2020 celebrations with back-to-back special tourneys to make your day an extra special. However, Ace2Three is wishing to wrap this seasonal feast with a knockout tourney i.e., Rummy Battle Tourney in a prize pool of whopping Rs. 3 Crores. So, don’t need to get tired waiting for the tourney to start. You can play your choice of  tourney from anytime and anywhere and play the same tourney variant again and again.



How to take part in the Rummy Battle Tourney?

Simple! Take part in Sit & Go tournaments. Sit & Go tournaments do not have a scheduled start time. In fact the tourney begins as soon as the registrations are full. For say, if the minimum number of players to start a game is six, then the tournament starts immediately when the sixth player joins the table. Though there is a small entry fee to take part in these tourneys, players can re-enter multiple times, even at the same level. A player just needs to have enough chips to play at least 1 game as per the next level entry (= 80 x entry). The Cash Prize for the tourneys can be either fixed or TBA, where the prize is determined by no. of participants & entry made at each level. Players have the option to unregister from a tournament before the tournament starts.

If you are new to Ace2Three, just register and start experiencing online rummy in real-time. Join this rummy battle and let your game skills knockout your opponents at each level. Don’t miss this golden opportunity because you could be the one to work your rummy skills and bag this first prize of whopping Rs. 25 Lakhs

How to Join the Paid Qualifiers?

Experience this intensified journey of online rummy at Ace2Three and make your gateway to 2020 Rummy Battle Tournament and bag whopping cash prizes in exciting prize pools.  

Showcase your game knacks and stand out as a winner in the 2020 Rummy Battle. SnG & Paid Qualifiers Tourneys are in Points Rummy Format

Play rummy in Sit n Go Qualifiers and get a chance to win exciting cash prizes along with an auto-registered entry into the first  to Finale 1

If you have missed to take part in this knockout journey, you still have a chance to prove your game skill with a premium entry fee and play your rummy game directly in the final leg.

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