Cheer this New Year with Ace2Three 2020 Rummy Celebrations

Hear the echo of cheers this New Year with Ace2Three’s 2002 New Year Special Tourney. It’s not just the time to welcome new year with aspirations and resolutions but also to free some time for yourself to prove your rummy skills on Ace2Three. 

Ace2Three rummy is super excited to kickstart 2020 celebrations with daily tourneys, weekday special tourneys and nevertheless weekend special tourneys in whopping prize pools. What are you still waiting for? Complement this celebration season with loads of fun and make this year 2020 a memorable one by joining over 13 million players in Rs. 4 Crore giveaway.

The new year sensation is aimed to bid goodbye 2019 and welcome the 2020  along with the rummy aspirants across India .This is going to be a great opportunity for both amateur & expert players to take part and prove their rummy skills.




Come, join us at Ace2Three for the 2020 New Year Celebrations Tourney

This New Year Tourney is all set to amuse rummy players with a knockout tourney for a month long where you can get a chance to play rummy in this super rummy celebrations and bag a  first prize of Rs. 20 Lakhs.

Now it’s time to have EXTRA Fun, and Welcome this New Year with Clamorous Drum Beats… As we start serving Entertainment and Skill Chances on your Digital Plate, WE WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR - 2020!!

Play, Win, Celebrate & Repeat!

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