How to Play Card Game 28?

28 Card Game is a trick-taking card game originated in India. In fact, the game is more popular as Irupathiyettu in the southern parts of India. This game is wholly different from rummy and played among four players with just 8 cards i.e., J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The same card order is followed for the card values from highest to lowest. Hence, the game has taken its name from the total points available in the cards of all suits together.

28 Card Game Rules: 

28 Card game is played in counter-clockwise. We generally use 52 cards in online rummy whereas only 8 cards i.e., J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7 from each suit (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds) are taken from a standard 52 cards deck for this game. The hierarchy of card suits’ is Spade>Clubs>Hearts>Diamond and the card ranking for Jack=3 points, Nine= 2 points, Ace = 1 point, Ten = 1 point, and Other cards (K, Q, 8, 7) = no points respectively. The four players will play the game as partners by facing each other. The dealer initially hands over four cards to each player from the shuffled deck.



Bidding in 28 Card Game:

Before starting the game, every player should bid some points. The bid should be between 14 points (minimum) to 28 points (maximum). Players may either bid higher or pass in counter-clockwise order. This process continues until the player passes and the bid moves on to the next player.

Trump Card:

The player who bids the highest points among the four players will get a chance to set trump card. Trump card or trump suit is chosen on the basis of the four cards. The player will place the trump card facing down in front of all the players. However, the player will not reveal the suit to other players and their partner.

Game Play in Phases:

The dealer then gives four more cards to each player from the remaining shuffled deck, and ensure that everyone has eight cards. The player to the left of the dealer will lead the game by placing a card on the table. The succeeding players have to follow the suit, and the highest suit takes the trick.

In case, if a player is not holding the suit, he/she can ask to expose trump suit at this point of gameplay. Until then, the trump card will remain facing down in front of the bidder.

They must then play a trump if possible, or throw off trump. The highest trump card will then take the trick. The winner leads on the next trick. Play continues until no cards remain in the players' hands.

When the trump card is unknown during the game play, the highest suit is anyways going to win, despite the existing trump suit, if revealed later.

After which, the trick will pay off by the highest trump rather than the highest suit. Well, no player should ask for the trump to be called during the first seven tricks, as the highest bidder may be forced to use the trump card in the last trick, because no cards will remain in their hands.

Game Points:

One additional point is added to a team’s score if they take at least the number of bids called.

Two additional points are given to the opposing team if they shield the high bidder from getting their points’ goal.

The highest bidding team should be able to make many card points as their initial bid to win the game. 

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