5 Best Games to Play at the Time of New Year Eve

Are you ready to beat the new year party in the presence of your family & friends? Well, we have got some ideas to make this New Year Eve a memorable one by gathering your closest ones at one place and welcome the year 2019 in an exciting way. Check out this list of games that you can play with your family &  friends at the time of New Year Eve.

Moments of the Past:

This game is all about keeping the conversation between the friends & family active by recollecting the best moments from the past year. All you need is a pot of colorful chits with some random questions written. It can be on the best things that happened in 2018. Find a comfortable place to sit with your family & friends where you can run music and pass a pillow accordingly. The one who holds the pillow when the music is paused will pick the chit and share their verses. 



Dumb Charades:

This is an evergreen guessing game for any age group. People are divided into 2 or more groups according to the headcount and start challenging opponents’ acting & guessing skills by giving him/her the toughest title to enact. Trust me! You will roll on the floor laughing at their acting, expressions & mostly the ‘random guesswork’.

Truth or Lie:

Two Resolutions and a Lie is the perfect game to begin your New Year's Eve party. This game is a twist on two truths and a lie where the other guests have to try to figure out what the other guests are lying and telling the truth about. Well, they'll have to figure out what are the two resolutions you really want this year, and which one is already made up.

Dance on a Paper:

This game is played mostly among couples. However, if you have a group of friends, divide them into couples according to their comfort. Spread a newspaper on the floor and ask the couples to step on the newspaper. Start the music and let them dance on the paper without stepping out of the paper. Ask the couples to fold the newspaper after every 2 minutes and the couple who manages to stay on the smallest folded newspaper for a long time will be announced as the winning couple.

Card Games:

Indian rummy is the traditional family game with skills needed. If you are a card game lover, then points rummy is the best choice to play with family & friends at the time of New Year’s Eve. Looking at the mixed facial emotions, the game & the time will fly in a snap. Just experience the game and taste fame by playing rummy with your people like an expert! 

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