Ace2Three fun fills Wednesdays with Primetime Rummy Tourney

Ace2three is India’s No. 1 online rummy site, trusted for delivering an utmost safe, secure and seamless gaming experience to more than 10 million players. Being in the online rummy industry for more than a decade, Ace2three has come up with Primetime Rummy Tourney, where the players can stack up their game skills on every Wednesday, sharp @10 PM, and redefine the meaning of fun & entertainment. Well, this is just the beginning!

Considering the impact and bonding we share with the technology, Ace2Three has chosen to bestow a platform that is handy to the players. As such, players’ can turn their routine much more exciting with online rummy games right after dinner to win big! 



If you are still counting on weekends for a break, then Primetime Rummy Tourney is the best way to cut-off your worries & nullify the stress on the mid-day of the week itself. All you need to do is just sit back, relax & play rummy online.

Yes, you heard it right!

Are you a premium player? If so, here is the biggest advantage to take part in this tourney & wrap up your day with a smile. Grab this opportunity to showcase your clever moves and turn out with a winning hand.

From now onwards, rummy players will not just wait for any Saturday or Sunday, but for Wednesdays’ too. Though your day went happy or sad, peaceful or hectic, this mid weekday tourney is going to bring joy to all the rummy aspirants.

Please find the below details of the Primetime Rummy Tourney:

Game Schedule: Every Wednesday @10 PM

No. of Players: 1000 players

Prize: Rs. 50,000 in Prize Pool

No. of Winners: Top 250

First Prize: Rs. 9,999


Note: Entry restricted for Select Players Only

Altogether, Ace2three is extremely excited and look forward to the players’ energy, skills, and enthusiasm on the online rummy tables.

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