Play Rummy with Just Rs. 10 & Chance to Win Rs. 25 Lakhs

While mobile gaming has raised the bar for self entertainment, availability & affordability of smartphones with internet connectivity has given a maverick rise to source this gaming stuff. Ace2Three rummy is all set to engage you again with a special knockout tourney where you can try your game skills on and win exciting cash prizes every day.  Do you believe that rummy is one of the best exercises for your brain? Oh yes! Try this skill game on Ace2Three rummy app and get yourself entertained 24X7 with super exciting rummy games like never before.

What is this Knockout Tourney?

As rummy players on Ace2Three rejoice the card games, we named this knockout tourney as “Jubilant Knockout Tourney”. For which players have to knockout their opponents at each level to enter into the final leg.




How to take part in the Jubilant Knockout Tourney?

Play SitnGo Tournament and Paid Qualifiers with just Rs. 10 which is in points rummy format. If you win from SitnGo and paid qualifiers, you will be winning that particular tourney prize money and get auto-registered to Jubilant Tourney Finale - 1. 

In the finale, a maximum of 60,000 players will battle at each level, where the winners will only get registered to the next level. Others can also join the finale with an entry fee and try their game skills. The players count at each level count will be cut down i.e., from Finale - 1 to Finale - 7. 

The winners from Finale-7 will be auto-registered to take part in the final leg i.e., the Grand finale of Jubilant Knockout Tourney and stand a chance to win as big as Rs. 25 Lakhs! 

Wow! Isn’t it? 

You can start-off your card game play with Sit n Go Tourney & Paid Qualifiers in Points rummy format. Join the game with just Rs. 10 and if you win the game, you will get a free entry to the finale-1. If you get through each level, then you could be the winner of this exciting knockout tourney. What are you still waiting for? 

Tourney Details:

Play rummy in Ace2Three and get a chance to win big cash prizes daily! :)

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