Ace2three parent company - Head Infotech article in Forbes - The Hidden Gem

On July 24th, 2018, Forbes published an article titled Hidden Gems 2018– An article about 8 companies that stood apart from their competition in their respective industries.

In the gaming industry, it is Head Infotech, the parent company of the rummy app Ace2Three, which grabbed the attention of Forbes.

Since its inception in 2007, Ace2three has been one of the most trusted brands in the Card game industry and Deepak Gullapalli, CEO, Head Infotech, attributes all the success of the organization to one parameter – Being a Customer centric organization.




Providing the customer with seem less player experience, enabling quick withdrawals and ensuring data & user privacy have helped in creating a loyal and trusted player base of 10 million.

The principles of responsible gaming (a practice where a player is alerted well in advance if he/ she is spending more than what seems to be their regular trends) and a free rummy app (where, the players interested in playing the game but not making money, can play the game for free for any number of days) portray the company’s precedence for customer interests and wellbeing over monetization.

Moving forward, with the help of strong founding principles and great projects in the pipeline, Ace2three is gearing up to further entertain its consumers and strengthen its strong hold. 

Read the Forbes article here

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