Win Surprise Bonuses with IPL 2017 Profile Pic Contest!

The Indian Rummy is back with IPL fever again- the biggest entertainment in the sports industry! Cheers can be heard from every corner & true fans can be seen everywhere. The whole nation is divided by the jersey color of their favorite team. 


IPL 2017 contest


We know everyone has their favorite team and favorite player and you like posting their photos on social media. So, why not on Ace2Three? Yes, you got it right. Upload a pic of your favorite team or player as your profile picture and the first 200 entries will be rewarded with surprising bonuses.


How to upload the profile pic?

- Click on the profile photo icon to upload/update your favorite IPL team/player

- Select the photo from Gallery or take a new photo.

- If you are uploading the picture from the gallery:

  • The dimensions should be at least 192x192 pixels
  • The size of the file should be less than 2MB
  • The supported file formats are PNG or JPEG
  • Choose a picture that can be easily positioned within a circle


Terms & Conditions –

  • Contest ends on 12th May @ 7 Pm
  • The winners will be announced on 15th May
  • All the profile pictures will be scanned by our support team for approval
  • Any pictures with obscene content will be blocked from display
  • Follow this page to know about profile picture guidelines


So, Come, Update & be the early birds to win the exciting bonuses. 

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