What Are Some Common Myths About Indian Rummy?

Indian Rummy has been around the world for centuries and is widely popular among every age group. Millions of player play this game, but despite its popularity there are a lot of misconceptions about the game especially among them who have never played it. 


rummy myth


Here are 5 common misconceptions about Indian rummy.


1. Not Legal to play –

It is said that any game associated with cash is considered as betting/gambling but this is not the case with rummy.  Playing rummy for real cash is legal to play as winning a game of rummy requires your skill & any game which requires your real-time skill has been exempted from the gambling law. So, it is completely legal to play Indian rummy online for free or real cash.


2. Bots v/s Real Players –

Before trying hands on online rummy, people often think that there are bots playing against them and not the real-players. But, it is worthwhile to note that at Ace2Three there are more than 8 million registered players and you’ll always find your rummy partner to play the game be it mid-day or late night.


3. Which is better – Online or Offline?

People who has been playing card games in the traditional way often find online version a little difficult to understand. However, when you land at the online platform, playing rummy is way easier and trouble-free as with online version there is no need of shuffling of cards, seating arrangement, point calculation and holding of 13 cards. With the user-friendly interface design, playing rummy has been become smooth and hassle – free with just a single click.  


4. Only One Game Type –

The online rummy provides a wide range of games with different formats to entertain you to the maximum. Few popular rummy variants are Points rummy, Pool games and Deals rummy. Apart from this, rummy tournaments are always conducted now and then to bring a large number of players to play rummy at a single platform.  


5. Newbie Luck –

It is said that newbie players often end of winning huge because of beginner’s luck. It might be true, but not every time. So, it’s always good to compete with your level at first & then move to high stake tables when acquired the minimum skill. So, compete with amateur player at beginner’s tourney - designed only for newly converted players. Practice, play & prove your skill.




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