The Dos and Don’ts of Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is a game of intelligence and patience. It requires players to arrange cards in a sequence. The sequence could either be a run or a set. Three or four cards of the same suit in a serial order makes a run; whereas three or four cards of different suits but of the same rank arranged together, is a set. Such an arrangement or sequence is termed as a meld. A meld typically means a combination of cards declared to earn points. The first player to have all the 13 cards in a sequence comprising of a set or a run is the winner. The important part is that one of the sequences, either the run or the set needs to be a proper sequence without a joker.

Like any card game, Indian Rummy too has several dos and don’ts, which are as below. This is a ready reference guide to play the game like a pro!

Involve at least two to six players: Indian Rummy requires two to six players. Each player is dealt with 13 cards. Usually two to three card decks are used when the game of Indian Rummy is between two or more players.

Form a sequence: Ensure that the 13 cards consist of two or more sequences with one being a proper sequence.

Apart from the proper sequence, the other two sequences could be a set of three or four cards of the same value in different suits. For example, three twos of hearts, club and spade each. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Indian Rummy

Use the wild joker: Rummy allows you to designate a wild joker status to a random card from a closed deck. This card can be used as a substitute for any card belonging to any suit, to complete the sequence.

Use the printed joker: There are two printed jokers in single deck. Four printed jokers are in the play if two decks are being used. These too are valid to complete the sequence.

Pick and discard: Rummy is played by picking and discarding the cards to an open deck to keep 13 cards in hand.


Declare a wrong sequence: All 13 cards should comprise of two or more sequence formations. One should be a proper sequence. This is mandatory. Even if one set or sequence is an invalid set, the player cannot claim a valid declaration.

Hold more than 13 cards: Every player must ensure that he or she has 13 cards in his or her hand. Excess cards are a strict no-no.

Forget the discarded card: One of the tricks to win at Rummy is to remember the card that has been discarded by the other player or players. This helps you avoid giving away cards that may be needed by the other players to complete the sequence. For example if one of your opponents has picked a five of clubs the minute you discarded it, there is chance that he is awaiting a four of clubs or a six of clubs to finish one of his sequence.

Disclose the cards: In any case do not disclose your cards to your opponents. The reason being, your efforts to complete the sequence will be lost the minute your cards are seen by others.

Collect high-point cards: It is better to discard a high point card. This is solely to avoid getting higher points in case you lose, thus leading to a higher penalty. is a secure platform to play Indian Rummy online with players across the country.

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