Surefire Strategy to Play Better In Online Card Games!

Want to boss the game of rummy this season? Read on. Heed advice from experts who have played various games & tournaments and won exclusive cash prizes.  Know how to use Ace2Three features to play real cash games and absorb all of this before the next grand tourney starts. 


card game strategy


1. Robust knowledge of Basics –

Basics are the foundation of any game & to test your skill, try to indulge in free rummy games or tourneys which are specially designed for newbie players where entry is absolutely free. In this way, you’ll be able to evaluate your skill and avoid silly rummy mistakes

Watch demo videos on how to play rummy & look out for rummy tips & tricks to enhance your skill. Once you feel you have acquired enough knowledge, try your hands on real cash games where the most skilled player is rewarded with real cash prizes.


2. Don’t be afraid to trick your opponent –

“It’s no good to use the same old strategies while playing rummy online”. Don’t be afraid to use a new technique to trick your opponent. Know when to re-arrange your cards, so that you get a lesser penalty even if the game is declared by your opponent. A novice player doesn’t know when to quit & when to play and thus always end up losing high. Be wise enough to decide your next move & play skillfully.


3. Act Smartly with Clever Moves –

The chance of your winning increases by two folds, if you likely to –

  • Try to meld the cards & place the show as quickly as possible
  • Anticipate your opponents with your discarded cards
  • Memorize all the possible melds in a hand.
  • Calculate your penalty score & drop out when the game is not in your favor


Well, these are some tips & tricks which come handy when you are an amateur player at online Indian rummy website. Register for free at Ace2Three & play free rummy games with 5000 free chips; also a welcome bonus of upto Rs.1700 is offered at the time of your first purchase.


Feel free to reach our customer support team - in the case of any concerns. We’ll be happy to assist you.


Do comment your view on the article! Happy playing at Ace2Three. 

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