Rummy Weekend with Super Saturday Tourney

Online rummy is the most strategic and engaging card game. If you are a skilled rummy player, then you should definitely try our Super Saturday Tourney. This is an exclusive card play scheduled on every Saturday, where around 18,000 premium participants register to play pool games. Sounds exciting! Isn’t it?!

Why Super Saturday Tourney?

Ace2Three has come up with an idea like “weekends should be stress free”, and started these super awesome rummy tournaments, where you can showcase your jaw dropping game skills. The total cash prize goes up to Rs. 5 Lakhs, and declares top 1000 winners in Super Saturday Tourney. The best part of the game is, stake format and prize numbers. Yes! The 1st prize winner can get Rs. 70,550 (Note: TDS is applicable for winnings more than Rs. 10,000) for the safe score.

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How to Play Super Saturday Tourney?

Entry is absolutely free, if you are a registered premium player in Ace2Three. Before you register for this tourney, ensure that you have at least one purchase in the last 60 days. If the register button shows in green color, you can assume that the tourneys are open for you. Then, you will be navigated to the tournament lobby, and confirm to register for the tournament. Here, the players seating is randomly assigned, and we do not permit any seat changes on this regard. Be it any circumstance, we do not encourage rebuy/rejoin in these pool tournaments. We announce only one winner per table, and has no place for split or auto split scenarios.

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Prizes advertised for all rounds are based on full occupancy of the seats in those particular rounds and actual prizes will be distributed based on actual participation in each round. However, we take certain care to protect our players who undergo internet disconnection. Also, we adhere trustworthiness of our games, and often review players’ games for violations. If found, we tend to terminate the account under such unethical circumstances.

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