Rummy Tricks that Can Increase Winning Chances for Beginners

Rummy is a game of skill runs around executing the right strategy at the right time. As the tricks keep growing from granular to advanced levels, let us have a quick discussion on some rummy tricks to kick start the game as a beginner.

Pure Sequence: In order to ace in rummy, you should primarily form a pure sequence with your suit. If it is done correctly, Bingo! There is no look back for you. Else, take a wise decision to continue or discontinue the game further.

Discard Cards: Online rummy is something that has very less weight on high value cards (i.e., Ace, K & Q) unless you have a chance of making valid sequence with them.



Joker Power: Joker is the game changer in rummy play. It helps you to connect the sequence and do wonders in your game. So, never ever discard a joker which can power up your winning chances in the game.

Card Arrangement: Card arrangement can be done either by color or by the value sequence. Have a complete idea on the cards you hold in your hands. It is the ideal way to avoid confusion with the suits. It also helps to take prompt decisions and give clear idea on your game strategy.

Card Values: The cards of values 4,5,6 & 7 are pretty easy to blend in the sequence rather than targeting high value cards like J,K & Q. Ensure to avail these middle value cards to increase your chances to standout in the game.

Observe Players: Always keep an eye on the cards discarded and picked by your neighboring players. From which, you can analyze and judge their further moves and strategies.

Never Retain: At times, you may not be able to form a sequence with the suit. In such scenario, it is suggestible to discard the cards and look up for better options. Try to reduce your points by discarding the high value cards in your suit. This might end up you to get a least point. 

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