Play Rummy Online without Downloading App

Rummy is an exciting card game to showcase skills. Whether the players’ wing to play rummy from browser or mobile app, gaming experience affirmed as the solo objective. Despite the layers of registration/sign-in formalities in online rummy websites, the application prompts players’ to download the app from Play Store or App Store. Taking an account on these challenges, turned online rummy simpler, and made it readily available for players to play card games in mobile browser itself, downloading the mobile app instead. In a nutshell, we bestowed online rummy game compatibility in mobile browser with the following.

Easy Sign-In: New users can register, sign-in, and enter into the game lobby directly. The standout part is the login feature via Facebook connect, which directly allow players to enjoy rummy in mobile browser itself. Players can happily play rummy without sharing their personal details.

Real Chips Rewards: New players will be rewarded with real chips upon verifying their registered mobile number in the mobile browser version. 




User-Interface: We certainly strived, built to offer a seamless gaming experience in the mobile browser where players can flexibly play either free or real cash games.

Dynamic Lobby: As the existing online rummy sites are static lobbied, we provide a dynamic lobby to the players that shows the table status as open/filling. The players can also view the number of active players and tables filled with real-time.

Single Tap Feature: Rummy players can experience the same functionalities that of our mobile application. The graphical user interface is beautifully designed to let the players explore and play in their comfort zone. Players can choose to play rummy either for cash or fun and join the table with a single tap.

Security & Verification: The application is built for safe transactions with secured payment gateways. KYC verification remains the same. The territory checks are enabled by default. However, the players accessing the application from Telangana, Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland and Orissa state(s) are not allowed to play online rummy.

Browser Limitation: Players can access and play rummy from Google Chrome mobile browser only. Progressively, we will be live soon on other browsers as well. Also, Players are not allowed to play on multiple tables in a mobile browser. However, we currently haven’t integrated Ace2three promotion tournaments in the browser.

Be it an android/iOS/windows device, if you have the chrome browser installed, you can shut the boredom by playing rummy.

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