4 Reasons Why You Lose At Online Rummy!


We’ve seen the player’s excitement when they play traditional card games & their excitement gets double when they win a round of the game. But, at the end of the every game, one player wins and other losses. You probably wonder why it can’t be you.

The real truth is while playing rummy games online you require a bit of luck along with your skills to arrange those 13 cards into the required sequences. High-skilled players learn from their mistakes & improve their strategies while playing forward but many other players ignore these issues and face the consequences.


rummy mistakes


Let’s see 4 major reasons why you lose at online rummy.


1.) You forgot the basic rules, Once again –

Stick to the basics, no matter what the rummy game type it is. Try to make a pure hand at the earliest to avoid the consequences if somehow your opponent declares the game.


2.) Poor Skill Strategy –

Rummy is a game of skill and to be the winner of the game one need to be very quick in drawing and discarding the cards and meld these 13 cards into the required valid sets. Use joker & cut-joker intelligently to make a non-pure set and try to discard the high - value cards to maintain a minimum score.


3.) Know When to Drop the Game –

As soon as the cards are dealt, calculate the chances of winning the game by analyzing the cards if it’s a good hand or a bad one. Quit the game immediately if your cards aren’t in favor of you. Novice players often play all the games & score more penalties.


4.) Leave Your Emotions –

One secret fact every pro rummy player suggests is “Don't let your emotions get the best of you”. There will be games you’ll win and games you’ll lose, and if you let either of them get you, you’ll end up in making bad decisions. If you have lost few games, take a break and then start with a fresh mindset.


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