Time to Improve Your Rummy Skills. Avoid These Rummy Mistakes!

Hey Guys, this blog post is for all the players who are new to the world of rummy card games & face difficulties to place a successful show. To win a round of a game, it requires your skills, concentration power, watchful eyes and guessing opponent cards. But the newbie players often fall into the trap & couldn’t make the valid sets.


rummy mistakes avoid


So, here are 5 Common mistakes to avoid while playing 13 card rummy games online –



As soon as 13 cards are dealt, the first set which is advisable to make is “pure sequence or pure life”. Newbie players often forget to make a pure sequence first and thus gets a full count when the opponent declares the game. The pure sequence is a life savior as you’ll not get the sum of all the cards in your hand. Decrease the chance of getting the higher score by forming the pure life first.



Players who are new to the Indian rummy games tend to forget to discard high-value cards. They think cards like King, Queen, jack & Ace will help them in winning the game & it’s easy to make sequences with these cards, but they forget that these cards have high points & to be the winner in a game of rummy, the score should be minimum. Thus, discarding high point cards is what everyone suggests as even if the game is declared by your opponent the score will remain minimum for you.



Your heart pumps with an excitement when you get the joker while dealing 13 cards. But an amateur player doesn't understand the concept of the joker and usually, waits for a card to complete the set. Cut-Joker acts as a wild card in online rummy and after forming pure sequence one should use this joker wisely to complete the set. Always remember to form a pure sequence first & then use the joker to complete another set as this will also reduce your points if anytime your opponent declares the game.



Cards with the middle value such as 5 and 6 have the higher chance to make a set as, you may get 4, 7 or 8 to complete the sequences. It has been observed that combinations are easy to form with middle cards than with the high-value cards.



Newbie players love to play online rummy games & out of excitement they play all the games even if they get a bad hand. However, it is suggested that it is not necessary to play all the games, it’s better to drop out the game if you are not confident of winning. It will help you in dealing with lesser points.  Use this strategy sensibly to remain in a game for longer sequences. 


Before you try your hands on real cash games, it is better to practice the game by joining Freeroll & Beginner tournaments which are specially designed for novice players where entry is absolutely free & players can win real cash prizes. Play, Practice & Hone your skills.

You can also go through the rules of rummy games & watch videos on how to play rummy.

Don’t forget to share this information with your friends, after all, we have extra bonuses for you every time your friend converts.

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