Rummy is one of the oldest, and most popular type of card game in India. Declared as a ‘skill game’, this game can be played by any one and everyone, irrespective of their age. So, this is how the Rummy game typically works, you’re supposed to create sets or sequences using the same numbers or suit.

There are a lot of variations for the Indian Rummy played all over the country. A seven card Rummy game is ideal for three or four players played when played with a single deck of cards. The Rummy players are supposed to make a 3-card or 4-card pure sequence or a 3-card set with same numbers of different suits and a 4-card pure sequence. 


How to play Rummy?


When the Rummy game is played between two players, each player is dealt 10 cards each and they are expected to make at least one Pure Sequence (Straight Flush) The 4-card Pure Sequence (Straight Flush) is mandatory in a Rummy game. There is also a 13-card Rummy variant, which is popular among the Indian Rummy players and is played with two decks of cards. The player is expected to make three 3-card Pure Sequences (Straight Flush) or sets, and a 4-card Pure Sequence (Straight Flush) to win the game.

Another variant of Rummy is a 21-card game. Though not very popular among people, it is still fun playing the game with this variation.

After the cards have been dealt to each Rummy player, one card is placed face-up and the rest of the deck is kept facedown next to it. The player who starts the game can either pick up the card put face-up, if it helps any of his sequence or set, or he could pick up a card from the deck kept facedown, and discard one of the cards from his hand.

The game carries on this way with every player drawing and discarding a card, until the Rummy player who has made his sequences and sets, discards the extra card and puts it facedown. He is then declared the winner of the Rummy game.

You can add a few jokers into your Rummy game to make it more fun and give it a twist. The dealer, as wild card, can select any number out of the 13 denominations of a suit. The wild card has to be chosen before any of the player, including the dealer, sees their cards. To bring in more jokers in the game, the JOKER cards in a pack of cards can be added while the cards are being dealt. You can get started with playing the game right away as rummy rules are very easy to understand

On the other hand, the 13-card Rummy game is the most popular among online players. Even though, the online version has all the joker variations available, but there’s more to it. You get a chance to win cash prizes through various promotions and daily bonuses. With a dynamic and user-friendly interface, playing Rummy on Ace2Three online becomes an all-new experience. For people looking to play Rummy on the go, or in their free time, downloading Ace2Three on their phones is the best bet. Simply download the app on your phones, laptops or tablets and sit yourself at a table to play with friends, family or other Ace2Three Rummy players around the world.

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