Every Rummy Player Should Know These 7 Rummy Tips & Tricks!

Rummy is a game which is easy to learn but difficult to master. To be the king in the game of rummy, a player must be aware of the basic rules, little-known tricks and some clever moves to play like a pro. The rules of the rummy card game are simple but these tips come handy when you play on the live table with real cash. 

Let’s have a quick look at it –


rummy tips & tricks


1. Pure Life Sequence –

Once 13 cards are dealt to you, your eye should be on forming a pure sequence at the earliest. Sort your cards with the “sort” option and look for the set with which creating a straight hand is easy. The pure sequence is the part of the valid set & must be formed immediately after the cards are dealt to you.  


2. Keep an Eye on the Opponent’s card –

Keep a close eye on your opponent’s card as what he’s drawing from the open-stack and which card he’s discarding. In this way, you’ll have a clear idea on what sequence your opponent is trying to make and you do not discard the card which is close by to him.


3. Get rid of the high card points –

High-value cards such as Ace, King, Queen and Jack are of no use in the game of rummy unless you form a valid set with them. But in general, they add unnecessary points to your score. So, it is always advisable to discard them at the earliest to avoid getting the higher penalty.


4. Use of Joker and Cut-joker –

Understand the term Joker and cut-joker wisely and use it smartly to form a non-pure sequence. Joker is the wild card in rummy games and increases your chance of winning by two folds.


5. Do not wait endlessly –

Waiting for a card to complete the set? But make sure you do not wait for it endlessly. Re-arrange your cards immediately and cross-check if you can complete the set.  


6. Quit the game –

Cards aren’t in your favor? Then why stretching the game unnecessarily? Drop the game, take a break and join the next table with any of the game type and prove your skill.


7. Do not play when you are emotional –

Play rummy with your skill and not when you are emotional. Rummy requires your real-time skill which comes with the presence of mind; when you play with emotion, you lose more. Try not to indulge in the game when you are sad or depressed.


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Also, download online rummy app and use the above-mentioned strategies to improve your skill.  

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