5 Must Try Things if You Win 10 Lakhs in New Year Tourney

Winning huge prize money in an online rummy tournament like New Year Sensation - 2019 is a dream come true. First of all, it is not easy to get through qualifiers to the final leg and win the tournament. You should practice hard to let your game skills pay off in the finale. Alright! You must be wondering what to do with the prize money if you make it till then, right? No worries! We have got you some “must try” things if you win 10 lakhs in New Year Sensation Tourney - 2019 at Ace2Three.

Buy for Yourself:

If you are dreaming about a vehicle, this is the perfect time to transform your earnings by purchasing a high-end hatchback car or a premium bike for yourself. You can happily plan for road trips with your family or friends to enjoy the most out of it.



Plan for a Vacation:

If you have any dream destinations in your mind, then the time has come to plan for it. Maybe within India or out of India. Check out the tour packages and avail for yourself to cherish wonderful memories with your closest ones for the lifetime.

Invest for Future:

Don’t put all eggs in one basket. Invest some of your winning amounts either on land or tax saving fixed deposits that can provide good returns in the future. Ensure to discuss with an expert or do some survey to pick the best plan and take the decision.

Surprise your Closest Ones:

It can be your parents or spouse, make your most awaited moment a memorable one by surprising them with a lavish gift. Express your affection towards them with your skill earned money and watch out their priceless smiles.

Set up a Business:

If you have a clear vision and objective of setting up a business, then you can act as a business partner along with any trustworthy person and take up the route.

Now, you will sway on cloud 9! Well, enjoy your success and you surely deserve a pat back for playing the rummy game like a pro! 

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