13 Interesting Rummy Jargons You Should Know

Are you a newbie to the rummy game? Confused with the game terminology used by your pals? No worries! In this blog post, Ace2Three is providing a brief description on every element of online rummy. This encyclopedic list of Indian rummy game hopefully helps beginners to understand the traditional card games in a better way.

1. Deck: Deck has 52 cards, which is also known as a pack of cards. Two regular decks including two printed Jokers are used in the 13-card rummy game.

2. Closed Deck: Deck of cards facing down without disclosing to the table players. Players can pick one card on each turn from this closed deck.

3. Open Deck: Pile of cards discarded by the opponents facing the card open to all.

4. Face Card(s): Kings, Queens, Aces, and Jacks of all the suits are known as face cards

5. Dealer: The player who deals cards at the start of a hand is called the dealer. The dealer can be decided anonymously by the table players or by throwing up a toss.



6. Dealing: It is the process of distributing the cards to each player by the dealer at the start of each hand.

7. Wild Joker: The card that which is selected as the Joker after the dealer distributes the cards is called the wild Joker. This card can substitute any card to form a sequence or set. If a printed Joker is selected as the wild Joker, then Aces also function as wild Jokers, along with the printed Joker.

8. Draw & Discard: Each player has to pick a card from the closed or open deck upon their turn. This process is called drawing a card. The player will offcut one card facing up on the open deck. This process is called discarding a card.

9. Hand: The cards that are dealt to a player at the beginning of a game are called a hand. Each player has to arrange the cards in his/her hand in sequences and/or sets.

10. Set: A group of three or four cards of the same rank but of different suits is called a set.

11. Sequence: Impure Sequence - A group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit including a Joker as a substitute card is known as an impure sequence. Life/Pure Sequence - A group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit without using any Joker as a substitute card is known as a pure sequence.

12. Drop: A player has the option to exit from the game before someone declares their triumph, which is called dropping.

13. Declare: When a player meets the expectations of a 13-card rummy game, finishes the game by discarding a card to the finish notch and declare the cards to the opponents.

Hope you found these rummy gaming terminologies interesting. Give it a start and play online rummy on Ace2Three – India’s #1 Online rummy portal trusted by over 1 Crore players.

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