Refer & Earn: Terms and Conditions

  • "A Referrer" is a registered player on Ace2Three.
  • "A Referee" is an unregistered player at Ace2Three being referred to Ace2Three by "A Referrer".
  • The "Refer & Earn" is not valid in case the "Referee" already has an account on Ace2Three.
  • To be eligible for the bonus, please ensure that the friends you invite use the link located in the invitation sent to them. This is the only way they can be linked to your account.
  • The registration & conversion of the referee need to be done within 90 days from the date when the invitation was sent.
  • Please ensure that your friends make a first purchase of Rs.200/- or more, for you to be eligible for the referral bonus. This will also be conveyed in the email and sms that we send to your friends.
  • A Bonus Amount equal to the amount purchased by your friends will be added to your account each time your friends makes a purchase of real chips within 90 days of registering. The maximum total bonus issued per referral will be Rs.1000/-.
For Example:
Purchase Condition "Referrer" - Bonus Pending
1 "Referee" Purchases 200 Real Chips Rs. 200
2 "Referee" purchases 300 Real Chips Rs. 300/-
3 "Referee" purchases 500 Real Chips Rs. 500/-
"Referrer" - Total Bonus
Rs. 1000/-
  • Pending bonus will be released based on wagering (1 real chip for every 10 real chips wagered) and automatically credited to player's account in fixed amounts based on Ace level. Refer to Bonus Summary page for details.
  • Subject to the fulfilment of the above terms and conditions, the "Referrer" account will be credited with the bonus. Players are permitted to have only one Ace2Three real account. Therefore, the "Referrer" and the "Referee" may not hold any other accounts at Ace2Three under other names or aliases.
  • Players who abuse the above rules, or attempt to engage in any deceiving and/or fraudulent activity, including registering multiple accounts, will be banned from Ace2Three immediately, their accounts will be closed indefinitely and the balance shall be confiscated.
  • By registering on Ace2Three, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time without any prior notice.
  • All Refer and Bonus requests will be solely processed/fulfilled at the discretion of Ace2Three and the User has no automatic right to a Cash Withdrawal or Refund in respect of such Bonus Amounts.
Note: For a regular player, the bonus will be added to "Bonus Pending" as and when they convert to premium status.

* The above Bonus is in effect for referee first purchases from 22 Jan 2015