What's New 2013

Updated: 12th Aug 2013

With the new feature “Poke and Earn”, Ace2three yet again proved that it’s not only the front runner but also the most innovative and player friendly website in the Indian Classical Rummy domain. The feature allows players to earn special bonuses by motivating their other peers on the platform to play real games.

While “Refer and Earn” helped players to earn bonus chips by bringing in new friends onto the platform, “Poke and Earn” would help them earn bonus chips by poking those regular or premium players who have not played real games for a while. Through this feature, real chips equivalent up to Rs. 1000 could be earned by poking a single player. The most exciting part of the feature is that both regular as well as premium players are eligible for poking and earning the bonus chips. Also, there is no limit on the total number of pokes a player can send.

For more details on Poke and Earn Bonus feature, see Poke And Earn.

Poke and Earn