4 Reasons You Lose at Rummy. And
5 Ways To Win It!

There are few card games as exciting as Rummy. And the excitement of any game doubles when you win it. Now who doesn’t like a long winning streak!?

But again, Rummy is a game of chance to a certain extent. The remaining part of the game is pure skill and attentive game play. The game play at our site Ace2Three.com is very much like life. You need to watch every step of yours.

On every table, there is one player who wins more games than everyone else. Then there’s that unfortunate bugger, who is leading – but from behind!

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4 Reasons Why You Lose At Rummy

1. You forgot the basic rules. Again!

Like in every game, hold on to the basics. One common thing new players forget is creating the Pure Life (sequence). Now we don’t need to tell you the consequence for this mistake. You probably made this mistake more than a few times, didn’t you??

2. Pay attention to what your co-players are discarding or taking:

You obviously can’t be sure what card the player took from the deck. But pay attention to what they pick up from the discard pile and what they discard.
The best players often read an opponent’s complete game plan based on these observations.

3. Knowing if you need to Drop the game:

Sometimes, the ‘luck’ factor is stronger than your skills. You realize this at the very beginning when the cards are dealt. Calculate your chances and if it is a bad one, just drop the game. Amateurs’ often collect too many penalty points because they play a game they will definitely lose.

4. You played with revenge in mind:

Rummy is one of the most brilliant 13 card games. But remember that a mind full of rage often makes bad choices. Avoid the feeling of revenge even if you keep on losing to the same player.

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Maximize Your Winning Chances With These 5 Tips:

  • Basics first – Arrange the cards in groups of color and order. This basic tip will shape your game.
  • Be present mentally.
  • Don’t be quick to throw cards just because your expected card doesn’t show up soon enough.
  • Proper use of Joker is important. Place it on the least probable Life or Set.
  • Don’t hold on to face cards for very long. You hold them too long into the game, and you end up with a higher penalty.

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