What's New 2013

Updated: 10 October 2013

Ace2Three introduces the new Multiple Re-entry Tourney format for a more action-packed Tourney experience. Now, if a Player gets eliminated in a level, the option to Re-entry allows Player to get back into the Tourney and start playing immediately in the same level – So no waiting for the next level from now on, Re-entry and be in the Game.

The Re-entry will be prompted when the Player’s Tourney chip balance falls below (Level entry x 80) T.Chips. At the end of a Level, if the Player’s T.Chip balance is less than (Next Level Entry X 80) T.Chips, Player can choose Re-entry to the next level during the break.

When a Player chooses to Re-entry, a fixed number of T.Chips is added to the Player’s current T.Chip balance.

Let’s take a walk-through of the revised Tourney page-

Re-Entry multitourney

Lvl (levels) – These are the barriers that a Player needs to cross in order to progress in the Tournament. A Tournament can have multiple levels, which a Player needs to cross before he reaches the Final Level.

Time – All levels would start and end at pre-defined (fixed) time.

Entry – All levels will have a fixed entry size for each point. The score for a Round will be calculated by multiplying the Card count with the entry amount.

Qualify – In order to continue at same level or progress to the next Level, a Player should have a minimum amount of T. Chips, failing which Player will need to Re-entry to stay in the Tourney.

For example – if the entry size for the next level is 5, you need to have at least 400 Tourney Chips at the end of the Current Level to be able to Qualify for the next Level.

Re- Add – If a Player’s T.Chip balance falls below the “Qualify” amount for the level, he can Re-entry and enter the Tourney again to start playing the very next game at same level.

However Players will not be allowed to Re-entry in the Final Level after the level begins, although he can Re-entry in the break before the Final Level.

Reload – This is the number of Tourney Chips that gets added to the Player’s T.Chip balance when he chooses to Re-entry. For example, if a Player has 350 chips at the end of level 1 and hence, cannot qualify for the 2nd level, he can Re-entry and the balance, after Re-entry, becomes 1550 (350 + 1200) T.Chips.