Responsible Gaming

Ace2three is committed to give our customers an enjoyable gaming experience. Our objective at Ace2Three is to ensure that you enjoy our platforms purely for recreational purposes and entertainment. Keeping this in mind, we have developed this “Responsible Gaming” policy to ensure that our users continue to enjoy safe and responsible gameplay. In this regard, we have set in place a number of measures to that will act as checks and balances to avoid irresponsible game-play and mitigate behavior that resonates with loss-chasing tendencies.

We want to make sure that our customers are genuine players, legally recognized adults and residents of territories (within India) whose laws do not prohibit access to Ace2Three’s platforms.

As a part of these measures, we require our customers to submit a soft copy of certain documents (such as a driver's license, a passport, PAN card, Aadhar card or ration card) that contain details of date of birth and photographic identity. Our efforts are to enrich the quality of the information in our database and we are working closely with international credit reporting agencies to this extent.

Any personal details that we obtain from a customer is purely for identity verification – an internal requirement for both the customer’s and the platform’s integrity and security. Should you have any questions about our process surrounding identity verification, please write to us at

Key Objectives

Helping the user stay in check: For users that have extended their cooperation and participated in sharing their information through the credit rating agencies, we will permit such users to take financial control of their ace2three account by setting their own preferred purchase limits. However, all purchase limits will be closely monitored by our risk management team which can unilaterally revise the limits for customers based on their gameplay patterns.

How we go about it?

The Ace2Three team has a dedicated risk management team which will assess the behavior of all players on our platform based on their playing patterns and will also conduct a personalized on call assessment of the user. After the assessment is complete, a review is performed to decide the best possible actions to implement by the Ace2Three team. Consequently, the Ace2Three risk management team can trigger certain actions to try and ensure that users are playing rummy on Ace2Three in a responsible manner and continue to do so primarily for recreational purposes.

Set out below are the key measures that the Ace2Three team has in mind to implement this policy:

Decreasing purchase limits: This will be the most frequently deployed feature by our risk management team based on player behavior (which will be under constant review). The Ace2Three team will reduce the purchase limits of a player for a specified duration depending on the player’s purchase and playing patterns.

Disable redeem cancellation: Users also make sudden last minute changes in their decisions to cancel their pending redemption requests with a view to extend their playing time on our platforms. One of the measures that our risk management team can deploy is restrict the player’s ability to cancel a redemption request once it has been placed.

Communication exclusion: Another feature in store is to exclude a user from directly receiving any promotional content, upcoming tourneys and offers from the Ace2three team. This will be actioned if the user’s account is temporarily suspended or when purchase limits have been reduced.

Locking high value games: Locking of higher value stakes is a feature which prevents the player from accessing games/pools of higher stakes on the Ace2Three platforms. These decisions will be based on the dynamic player limits that the player has ascribed to his account. If the playing pattern of a user is considered as unhealthy or if the player is on the verge of crossing their purchase limits within a short duration, then the Ace2Three risk management team can enable this feature to avoid the user to try and chase his/her losses.

Time out: These are more stringent actions where the player will not be permitted to access real-money tables on the Ace2Three platforms. The player will also not be able to make any deposits but can place redeems for the money in his/her account. This measure will be taken if the player purchase activity or gameplay patterns display extreme volatility and if he/she has also made statements that indicate erratic and irresponsible behavior.

Account closure: Ace2Three reserves the right, in its sole discretion to close the player’s account and permanently block his/her access to Ace2Three platforms. These decisions will be taken in consultation with senior members of the team and the risk teams after the customer has been spoken to. Upon enabling this action, Ace2three will take the necessary measures to restrict a user’s access to Ace2three platforms and shall also reach out to the user to assist in refunding the balance in the user’s account.

What we use and some handy tips

Transaction history: Information relating to each of your gaming sessions at Ace2three can be viewed from the transaction history tab on our site. The information includes the start date and time of your gaming session along with the bet.

Tips for players:
While we realize that a significant majority of our players are responsible players, the following tips should hold good for all:

  • Never borrow money to play on our platform or any other form of gaming;
  • Take frequent breaks from your gameplay – while we love having you on our platform we would prefer a healthy balanced relationship with all our users;
  • Balance your recreational activities with online rummy on Ace2Three just being one of the many stress-busters in your life;
  • Don't play rummy when you are highly stressed, emotionally imbalanced, intoxicated or troubled in some other way – look out for comfort from your friends and family; and
  • Budget for a limited portion of your monthly expenses for playing online games and stick to it; never dip into savings or everyday expenses for playing online games.

Some pointers that can help you identify if you are or are turning into an irresponsible and risky player:

  • If you are leaving your family alone frequently for long periods of time in order to play online real-money games
  • If you arguing frequently with your partner/family about spending too much time and money on playing online real-money games and are gradually finding yourself habituated to play on a daily basis
  • If you are playing rummy with family money that is budgeted for rent/mortgage, schooling, medical purposes, groceries, clothes or other family related essential expenses.
  • If you believe that online rummy is a way to make quick money to solve financial issues or is a way of making a living

If your answer to any of the above is “YES” then we suggest that you introspect and regulate your playing time on our platforms immediately if the Ace2Three team has not already taken action. You can also reach out to our risk management team by writing to if you have any questions.