Lobby and Table


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Ace2Three offers 3 ways for a player to reach his desired table:

  • Using “Standard Lobby”
  • Clicking “Find a Seat” button on the standard lobby for “Easy View Lobby”
  • Using the “Favourites” tab for the 1-click favourite games lobby


  • Easy View Lobby

    Easy View Lobby is extremely easy to use and consists of a step-by-step guide to the games you want to play. Information is provided at each step to help you make your selection. Your selections are automatically saved and the next time you log in, you do not need to make your selection again - one click will take you to your game.

    Esay View

    Join: After selecting the game type, clicking on ‘Join’ will take you to a Table where you can start playing.

    Watch: Clicking on ‘Watch’ will take you to a Table where a game is currently being played. Here you cannot play the game but can only watch others playing.

    Browse: Clicking on ‘Browse’ will take you to the Standard Lobby View where you will find a list of game types being played.

  • Standard Lobby

    Standard Lobby consists of filters for game type, number of players and bet amount. These filters help you to customize your search and view only those games you want to. You can view all the single-table and multi-table tournaments on Ace2Three. As with “Easy View Lobby”, your selections are automatically saved. “Standard Lobby” makes it very easy for you navigate between play chip tournaments and real chip tournaments.

    Standard View

    Tabs: Tabs correspond to chip types and either single or multi table tournaments. You can select your preferred games by clicking on these tabs.

    Both Play and Real Chips have Single Table as well as Multi Table Tournaments.

    Filters: Filters help you select the specific type of game you want to play. Your preferences are automatically saved and you will see the same filters selected the next time you login.

    Not only can you join the tables faster but also customize your search by using these filters.

    Join: Clicking on Join will take you to a table in “Registering” mode. If no tables are in “Registering” mode, you will be taken to a table in Open mode.

  • My Favourites

    This tab allows you to add your favourite most-played games here and join the table at a single click – so you spend less time looking for your favourite game and more time playing it.

    Join your favourite

    One-click widgets: All your favourite games are available as widgets – just click “Join” on the widget to go to the table. You can add upto 12 favourites - both Play Chip and Real Chip games can be added and accessed at a single click.

    You can also land straight to the “Favourites” tab every time you login by ticking the “Set as Default View” checkbox.

    Add a favourite: Use this widget to add a particular game to your Favourites and have all your favourite games under a single tab

    Easy View Lobby: You can also add a game to your Favourites from the Easy View Lobby accessible under “Find a Seat” – just tick the “Add to Favourites” checkbox when you Join or Watch a game.

    Standard Lobby: When you join a game from the Standard Lobby, tick the “Add to Favourites” checkbox on the confirmation dialog box and add the game to your favourites.

    Game Table: Under Options button on the top right of screen on the table, tick the “Add to Favourites” checkbox to add any game to your Favourites tab.


Ace2Three offers 2 types of tables - tables that can seat 2 players and tables that can seat up to 6 players. 101 and 201 Pool games can be played on both tables whereas Best of 2 and Best of 3 games are played on 2 player tables only. Multi Table Tournaments are typically played on multiple 6 player tables.

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