Elite Tournament

Elite is a variant of Multi Table Tournament where the number of players participating is very limited and the tournament starts as soon as the specified number of players registers to the tournament.

Some of the tournaments under ELITE are:

The following are the key features in this format of the tournament:

  • Different entry amounts for each Level
  • Different number of Tournament Chips required to qualify for each Level
  • Different Buyins for each Level
  • 30 minutes duration for each Level
  • Players are eliminated as the tournament progresses
  • Tables that are not full or are empty are automatically merged with other tables
  • All players begin the tournament with an equal number of Tournament Chips(1000 T.Chips)
  • Levels progress automatically – NO BREAKS
  • Players will have the option of re-entry after a level ends or if eliminated
  • The tournament will start at the scheduled time
  • Players will be seated randomly and the table where they will be seated will open up automatically if the player is logged in at the scheduled start time
  • If a player has registered for a tournament but is not online at the scheduled start, every turn he misses will be treated as a Drop.
  • Players gain and lose Tournament Chips as the tournament progresses according to their performance during the different Levels
  • Players are eliminated from the tournament when the number of Tournament Chips they have is less than the max count multiplied with the Entry of the Level. These playing chips help to determine the rank of the players
  • Players may register for a specific ELITE Tournament as long as they meet the relevant terms and conditions, and as long as they register before the tournament begins, or as long as the number of allowed participating players has not been exceeded. Players are allowed to use only one account. No multiple accounts are allowed on Ace2Three.
  • The entry is deducted from player's account as soon as registration is successful. Each tournament might have a different entry amount and Free roll tournaments (ELITEFR) require no entry at all.
  • To play the next level a player needs to win the required Tournament Chips at the end of previous level to qualify.
  • Any players found using multiple accounts to enter these tourneys or engaging in any fraudulent activity will have their accounts closed and any winnings will be null and void.
  • Players that do not comply with Ace2Three's Chat Abuse Policy will be removed from the tournaments immediately, and any winnings will be null and void.
  • Terms of Use on www.ace2three.com also apply to this tournament.
  • Management reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time without any prior notice.
  • Tournament Tables will be open as per the schedule in the Multi Table Tourney Lobby.

Elite Tourney Rules

  • 2 Levels with 20 Minutes for each Level
  • Levels
    Level 1 - Entry 3
    Level 2 - Entry 5
  • Drop
    Drop = 10 x Entry
    Middle Drop = 30 x Entry
    Max Count = 80 x Entry
  • Jokers
    2 Jokers + Cut Jokers in all rounds
  • Winning Hand
    One Straight without Joker is mandatory (Life1)
    One Straight with/without Joker is mandatory (Life2)
  • Qualify
    Level 1 - 1000 T.Chips
    Level 2 - 1200 T.Chips
  • Re-entry option available after Level end or after being eliminated during Level 1
  • Top 6/10 Players with maximum T.Chips will win a part of the Prize Pool. Please check Prize section in Tournament Lobby for details