Collusion/Fraud Protection

Ace2Three implements the following strict rules to ensure a fraud/collusion free gaming environment.

Before the game starts

  • Seating is random, and no seat is prefixed for any game. Players, therefore, have no control over selection of players on any table.
  • To shuffle cards, the Random Number Generator used by Ace2Three has been certified by iTech Labs, an IEC/ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory.
    Click here to view the certificate.
  • Players logged in from the same IP address are not allocated seats on the same table.

During the game

  • Information about the playing cards is always encrypted, thereby preventing any third party from viewing the same.
  • Anti-fraud algorithms track every move (selection of cards, discards, melds, shows) by every player on every table round the clock.
  • Necessary checks have been implemented to analyze if 2 or more players are colluding during the course of a game/tournament. An alert is automatically raised if there are any signs of collusion. Suspected games are carefully scrutinized; if collusion is confirmed, accounts of players are blocked and their funds seized. Players affected by collusion are returned their chips.

After the game ends

  • Players suspected of collusion are blocked from playing at the same table for life