Chat Policy

The chat on game tables have been designed to interact with other players, get to know each other and share their experience and have a professional and warm environment. The chat is there to improve the gaming the experience and make friends and build a professional rummy players community at Ace2Three. In case you find it distracting, you can 'Hide' the chat application.

The following are not allowed on Ace2Three Chat as part of Chat abuse policy:
  • "Flooding" the chat by typing the same message multiple times.
  • Inappropriate and abusive language directly or indirectly to players and/or Ace2Three. Please bear in mind that Ace2Three will not tolerate any kind of chat abuse.
  • Ace2Three reserves the right to block chatting privileges of any players at its sole discretion and any decision made by the management of Ace2Three in this matter will be final.
  • Contact our support centre in case you have any information regarding player abuse or email us at
  • In case you encounter an abusive verbal behavior, we would like to ask you to notify our support team immediately. In order to avoid any further inconvenience, we would like to ask you to refrain from responding to this kind of behavior and allow us to handle the matter effectively.
  • Players who disregard our Chat Abuse Policy will be banned from our chats permanently.